About Us

This present pandemic has changed the global market trend. While every investor has no choice but to keep up with each country’s slow and unsteady economic progress, the Internet became a safe haven for business owners and investors who struggle to keep their companies afloat in this unpredictable world. Our company saw the need to raise the bar in providing good and credible property listing in the Philippines. That is why we have created an online platform that does provide not only listings of properties in the country, but also a website that educates buyers and sellers about real estate in the Philippines.

Philippines Real Estate a reliable and online platform in the property listing. We serve as the bridge in connecting credible agents with hopeful clients through a trustworthy and transparent transaction, from inquiries to the actual property purchase. Our company is founded on integrity and honesty, and it is our goal to make sure that every transaction is built in trust and confidence.

  • Agricultural Lots 
  • Residential Lots 
  • Industrial Lots
  • Beach-Front Properties
  • Islands
  • House and Lot 

We also help property agents in the Philippines, whether freelance or company-acquainted, to broaden their network by listing down their properties for sale, provided that they meet specific criteria to qualify.

Moreover, our company also aims to delve about the pressing issues being tackled in real estate such as laws related to this business, tips for buyers and sellers alike, latest real estate trends in the Philippines, and FAQs. 

Our goal is to provide great property listing for clients, be a helping platform to striving Filipino agents, and educate every page visitor about the ins and outs of real estate in the Philippines. 

Here at Philippines Real Estate, we will help you have confidence in finding the perfect property for you.